Our Growers


Our Growers

We only partner with top quality producers and growers who share our values and want to make a difference for the people that works for them.

Our program is a virtuous circle where the workers enhance their commitment with their jobs, strength loyalty and feel involved in the companies results.

Our program is designed for several products such as berries, cherries and grapes.



A word from Ricardo Schatz about his farm

Our farm is located in a small town in Entre Ríos, called Colonia Ayuí, near the city of Concordia. We have 18 hectares fully used, a quality control and a packaging plant located a short distance from the farm.

We use an optimization system that allows us to obtain the maximum yield from our fields, in addition to ensuring a quality standard that allows us to reach all the markets with excellent quality.

We offer a work environment where respect for our people and the protection of the environment is a top priority, and we have embraced Thx! as individual promotion program that allows our employees to achieve dreams that they thought were impossible. This creates a strong bond between our workers, our farm and our product quality.

-Ricardo Schatz

Cerezas Argentinas

A company in constant growth

Our company started operations in 2008. We are located in Chimpay, Rio Negro Province. Our objective is to become the main grower and exporter of Cherries and other local fruits.

From the beginning, we’ve had a clear commitment towards excellence in social, farming and manufacturing practices. This also commits us to a program of sustainability and the enhancement of the community where we operate.

By incorporating the latest technologies in all our processes in order to increase quality and productivity, we also contribute to sustain the development of Chimpay and its neighboring communities.

We are proud of being part off the Thx! program and through our fruit sales to also have a positive impact in our local community. Thx! is the brand that is behind the dreams of our workers and of all of us who participate in this program.

-Cerezas Argentinas