For being the real part
of their dream
Buying our products
you help farm workers
to achieve their dreams
We are building a connection
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Help farm pickers to reach their dreams

Buying our products…

You help less fortunate people to reach their goals

You help farm workers, the most vulnerable link of the supply chain

Your purchase shows you care about the people that care about the quality of your produce

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Our Dreams

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Regina, take better care of her grandchildren


Regina is a 65 year old hard working grandmother. She is a widow that takes care of her grandchildren...

Cyntia, the self-reliant do it yourselfer

 Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina

Cyntia is a vivacious 23-year-old mother of two boys and married to Sergio...

Andrea, has electric dreams

 Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina

Andrea, her husband and their three children live in a small house they built...

Hector, materials to reinforce and insulate his home

 Chimpay, Río Negro, Argentina

Hector José Nova is a 45 year old tractor operator at Cerezas Argentinas. He used to rent a room...

Elizabeth, a suitable wheelchair for her godson

 Chimpay, Río Negro, Argentina

Elizabeth Grandon, a 44 year old woman with 9-year experience working at Cerezas Argentinas...

Guido, surgery to save his eyesight and continue studying

 Chimpay, Río Negro, Argentina

Eliana del Sol is a 47 year old fruit estimator with 9 year experience at Cerezas Argentinas...

Hugo, starting a new life

 Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina

Hugo is originally from Paraguay and came to work in Argentina looking for...

Laura, dreams of indoor plumbing

 Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina

Laura is a lively single mother of two children and an eight-month old baby...

Noelia, building one brick at a time

 Concordia, Entre Rios, Argentina

Noelia is 23 years old and lives with her husband Lucas and their 8-year-old...

Elvira, electric installation for her daughter’s home

 Chimpay, Río Negro, Argentina

Elvira Caminoa is a 35 year old woman that’s been working in quality control at Cerezas Argentinas for 4 years now. Her son...

Gustavo, fixing his roof and connecting his house to bathroom

 Chimpay, Río Negro, Argentina

Gustavo Brito is a 42 year old worker with 10 years of experience at Cerezas Argentinas, who started as a laborer...

Eliana, an adequate medical diagnosis and treatment

 Chimpay, Río Negro, Argentina

Eliana del Sol is a 47 year old fruit estimator with 9 year experience at Cerezas Argentinas...

Maira, the part time baker

 Concordia, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Maira, a mother of two beautiful girls, works at Arandeira’s packing facility...

Arandeira and Cerezas Argentinas

Our farms, located in the central and southern region of Argentina, offers its workers a space for development, within a fair environment.

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