A safe and comfortable home

Andrea, her husband and their three children live in a small house they built on the back of her parents’ yard.

They have not been able to afford the electric installation and currently use an extension cord to bring some light to their home at night.

Her dream is to be able to finish the permanent electric installation and build it according to code.

Theirs is a very primitive installation that is a safety risk, especially during the winter when it rains and the ground gets flooded on a downpour.

There is a permanent risk that the cables insulation will ive way and cause a major short circuit.

For her dream she needs to raise 3,500 points.

These families are beginning to reach their dreams,
thanks to your help and support.

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By purchasing the product with this package, you help Andrea to fulfill her dream, as she adds new points within the Thx! Program.

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